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Atlanta Piano Fortissimo offers a wonderful recital experience for our students. Although participation in the recitals is not mandatory, every student, regardless of age, skill level or experience is strongly encouraged to participate. The recitals are organized twice (winter and spring) and are fully tailored to accommodate the most timid of students. Our recitals give each student an opportunity to share what they have learned with friends and family, as well as build self-confidence. Though a piano recital is intended to be fun, it is also considered to be a formal occasion. This means that there are certain rules of performance and protocol that must be observed in order for the event to be successful.

Recital Guidelines for Students & Parents

We request that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the recital and plan on staying for the entire length of the event. Please make sure all your invited guests understand the importance of arriving on time.

Students and guests should remain quiet through the entire duration of the recital. Young siblings are welcome to attend the recital, but we kindly request that a parent be prepared to leave the recital hall if a baby starts crying or a young child causes distractions.

Turn off cell phones and any electrical devices that may produce sound.

Videotaping is fine provided it is not noisy and you are not obstructing anyone’s view while videotaping. Flash photography is not permitted during the performance, as it can be distracting for a student who is performing. However, you may take flash photos as a performer is approaching or leaving the piano. Also, your child will be allowed to pose for photographs at the conclusion of all performances.

All performers should wear appropriate attire. Recitals are a special occasion, and it is customary to dress nicely. Girls should wear knee-length or longer dresses or slacks. Boys should wear dress pants and buttoned dress shirts with or without ties. Please do not wear dangling, jingling jewelry or flip-flops.

Feel free to invite as many friends/family members as you wish. We have a large hall that can accommodate everyone.

Atlanta Piano Fortissimo

Music lessons in the comfort and convenience of your home.

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  •   One-on-one personalized instruction tailored to each student
  •   Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  •   Flexible scheduling options seven days per week
  •   Performance opportunities regardless of age or level
  •   Affordable pricing
  •   No contracts and no registration fees

Atlanta Piano Fortissimo provides convenient in-home piano, keyboard, guitar, voice and violin lessons with highly qualified instructors in the metro Atlanta area.

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Atlanta Piano Fortissimo was awarded a Best of 2015, Best of 2013, and Best of 2012 winner on Kudzu!

   Atlanta Piano Fortissimo Best of Kudzu 2013    Atlanta Piano Fortissimo Best of Kudzu 2012

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